Float Trips

All of our access sites to the river are privately owned property. There is no public access/parking at any of these locations. Prior to departure, all personal boats must make transportation arrangements through our office. Feel free to call our office if you have questions or need more information

​Trip 1 - 8 miles

  • Topsy Bridge – Crazy Horse
  • Average 4-5 hours
  • We transport you 8 miles up river, drop you off, & you float back to the office
  • This is one of our most popular day trips. It is typically less populated than Trip 2 which makes it a great choice for families, small children, seniors, church groups, schools, etc

​Trip 2 - 10 miles

  • Crazy Horse -Slink Shoals (Blue Rock)
  • Average 5-6 hours
  • Start at the office, float down river 10 miles, & stop at the big painted blue rock. We will pick you up & transport you back to the office 
  • ​​This is by far our most popular trip. If you’re looking to explore the beautiful waterfall, infamous bluffs, & big rope swing, this is the trip you’re looking for

​Trip 3 - 16 miles

  • Trace Creek – Crazy Horse
  • Average 8-9 hours
  • We transport you 16 miles up river, drop you off, & you float back to the office
  • 9am is the cutoff time for this trip. If you plan to stop, swim, & play along the way, this is probably NOT the trip for you
  • This trip can also be done as a 2 day overnight trip. (Pricing is the same as trip 4. This applies any time the boat is kept overnight)

​Trip 4 - 21 miles

  • Texas Bottom – Crazy Horse
  • 2 Days, Overnight Trip
  • We transport you 21 miles up river, drop you & your camping gear off, float several miles, camp at the undesignated location of your choice, & finish your trip up at the office the next day (any time before dark) 
  • ​​There are lots of good areas to camp. Please be respectful of landowners & leave it better than you found it


(prices are per boat)

Trip 1 & 2 
$43  1-9 Canoes
$40   10-24 Canoes
$38   25 + Canoes

$33  Singles
$45  Tandems

Personal Transports
$20  Single Kayak
$25  Canoe/Tandem Kayak

Trip 3 
$47   1-9 Canoes     
$44  10-24 Canoes 
25+ Canoes 
$38   Singles 
$50  Tandems

Personal Transports
$25  Single Kayak
$30  Canoe/Tandem Kayak

Trip 4 
$65  1-9 Canoes     
$60   10-24 Canoes 
25+ Canoes 
$56  Singles 
$65  Tandems

Personal Transports
$25  Single Kayak
$30  Canoe/Tandem Kayak

Rental Boats
Includes boat, paddles, jackets, & transport

Personal Boats
Includes transport only

-- we do NOT rent them --​

Helpful Tips & Info

  • An overnight trip requires skill, knowledge, & preparation. If you call 911 (who will call us) for a non-emergency & we have to come pick you up, it will cost a minimum of $200. It is entirely too DANGEROUS to navigate the airboat with other boaters on the water or in the dark because you are unprepared.  
  • Average trip times are based on leisure floating with appx 1 hour of stopping. The more you stop the longer it will take
  • Canoe/Kayak reservations are HIGHLY recommended- especially on weekends and holidays
  • Reservations are held from the time we open until 12pm!!! Rentals are done on a first come first serve basis after 12pm
  • Reservations may be made online or by phone. Online 24/7, by phone: 8am-5pm 931-722-5213 (Emergencies only after 5pm please)
  • Canoe price includes 2 adults. Additional person is an extra $5 unless it’s a child 12 & under
  • You will regret wearing flip flops! Water shoes are HIGHLY recommended due to the rocky river bed.We carry a wide variety of these in our store if you don’t have any 
  • You will definitely want to bring a cooler with food, water, etc. Don’t forget to secure your cooler closed & also secure it to your boat. We sell bungee cords for $2 if you need them
  • Pets must be on a leash at campgrounds & in our vehicles during transport
  • Inform us of any pets when renting your boats. We reserve the right to refuse service/transportation
  • Price for private boat shuttle service is subject to change without notice
  • All pricing is pre-tax.  If you are are a non-tax organization, please bring a copy of your tax-exempt form
  • Cut-off time for a 16 mile 1 day trip is 9am
  • If taking the 10 mile trip during the week you will need to arrive early enough to finish the trip by 6 pm(appx 11am)
  • We would like to thank all of our men & women in the U.S. Military by offering a $5 discount off the price of your canoe – must present ID
  • Cancellation within 4 days of arrival results in the entire amount to be nonrefundable. Cancellation made at least 5 days ahead will receive a full refund minus a 10% processing fee.